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How many times have you THOUGHT about making changes to your current lifestyle?  Common goals we talk about: “I am going to…” stop drinking Coke, start walking in the evening, buy or use current gym membership, bring healthy lunches to work, start a weight loss program, sign up for an event or marathon, drink more water, or give up sugar and sweets.

Every person has their own personal health goals.  The reality is most people spend more time thinking about what they should or shouldn’t do, rather than acting on it. Before you know it, five years pass and nothing has changed. You may have put on a few more pounds and not particularly loving where you are in life, but there isn’t a real need to change anything.  You aren’t in pain and you can still fit into your clothing (even though your pants may be of the larger size in the closet).  Why is it that we hold onto our extra large clothing anyway?  Because we know we don’t feel 100 per cent in control of our body and health. Or we’re giving ourself that extra slack just in case…

How easy is it to talk yourself out of doing something that requires effort and isn’t a life or death situation? Extremely easy. We are all guilty.  The sad thing is some of the changes we should be making don’t become a priority until we are faced with a serious scenario such as being diagnosed with diseases like diabetes, heart disease or cancer.  Then an alarm sets off, almost like hitting the panic button on your car key.  NOW you need to change.  You will do whatever it takes.  Hire a nutritionist, personal trainer, invest in high quality supplements and vitamins.  Start going to farmers markets and buying organic produce – even if it requires dipping into that savings account.

What is wrong with this picture?  Most people wait for the alarm to go off, instead of preventing what they have been fearing all along might happen.  They talk themselves out of investing any of their hard earned money into health because to them it is considered a luxury expense, and an all-inclusive Caribbean cruise along with a fancy BMW is much more desirable.  Cutting corners by hitting the drive-thru, buying frozen meals, buying the cheap processed meats, and rarely eating fresh produce.  Remaining sedentary as much as possible by taking elevators and parking directly next to the handicap stalls when going to the store.

The point of all this?  We all need to do a little self-check on ourselves.  Where are you at in life? Are you feeling and looking your best? Are you waiting for a wake up call?  Would you rather pay now or later?

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