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Who’s Controlling Your Health?

I choose to assist clients on a more holistic level for many reasons.  I do not agree with the Canada Food Guide or USDA Food Pyramid.  When I tried this method of eating I was on a road to disaster and couldn’t imagine where I would be today without making dietary modifications. This government guideline of eating was not created to enhance health and obtain weight loss; it is a simply a way to provide profits to the food industries – and we are sucked in every direction imaginable.
Ever wonder why it is so much more expensive to purchase fresh organic produce, meats, eggs and dairy? The obvious reason is that it requires more work to create this food. There is also less yield due to lack of hormones and crowded unsanitary environments.  The absence of pesticides and herbicides means that naturally some of the product may not survive.
Did you know our governments do everything they can to support problematic foods such as GMO soy, corn, canola and wheat? These junk-food subsidies make it much cheaper to buy a burger, fries and soda from a fast-food restaurant than it is to buy grass-fed beef and veggies. It’s not that these foods necessarily cost more to grow or produce, but that prices for the junk foods are being artificially reduced by the government.
Every time you purchase a Coke made from GMO corn syrup, salad dressing made from GMO soybean oil or crackers made of GMO refined wheat and canola oil, you are voting YES for processed food that is making us sick.  Your vote means more of these products and less of the food that reduces illness.
There is hope! It always takes time to transition to a new eating plan.  When  symptoms disappear, medications decrease and weight is able to release; therefore revealing a brand new hopeful light.  When I meet a new client, it is not uncommon to hear these concerns:
“My doctor has never told me about this.  He prescribed medications instead.”
“I’ve been told to stay away from these foods because they will raise my cholesterol.”
“To lose weight my trainer told me to count calories and exercise more.  If I don’t count anything, how will I make any progress?”
“When I was diagnosed with this condition 10 years ago, not one medical profession has mentioned nutrition could help with my pain and discomfort.”
What uncomfortable symptoms, pain, or weight issues are you living with now?  Would you be willing to change some of your dietary habits to obtain relief naturally from eating real food?
In just one simple nutrition session, I am able to evaluate and develop a realistic plan that will optimize health and reduce these issues.  I believe every person should seek nutritional help that implements real food.  It’s about time you feel better!

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