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Interested or Committed?

imageThere is a major difference between people showing interest in things and actually making the decision to commit.
When you commit, it means you are going all in 100 per cent. You know change won’t occur overnight, but you are understanding of the road ahead and willing to take steps to get there.
Some people think they are committed; however when it comes right down to it, they are resisting change. These people are interested, but not committed. They will only complete the action if the circumstances permit. In terms of health and nutrition, it is clear when people want to be commited to their health but through the course of their actions, it really isn’t the case. For example, it is Monday morning and you are in a rush out the door and forget your healthy lunch on the kitchen table. Your hunger strikes at noon and you think to yourself, “Now I have to buy lunch, I will just hit the drive-thru today and bring my lunch tomorrow.”
The committed individual in this situation would not take this minor problem as a reason to throw in the towel for a #2 combo. They would consider their goals and problem solve to find a healthy choice instead of taking it as an opportunity to deviate.
Many of us struggle with that “all or nothing” mentality. Either you are going to have a perfect day with balanced meals or snacks, or the slightest unplanned curveball sends you back into your old habits, and the rest of the day is ruined. You may as well make the most of it and eat everything bad while you can, right?
Actions speak louder than words, and it’s always apparent when someone isn’t ready. People who are wrapped up in the details are usually looking for a way out. Certain individuals who have control issues aren’t able to put their goals in someone else’s hands because they don’t like the concept of not knowing what may be ahead – and change that isn’t their idea doesn’t sit well.
True commitment means you accept no excuse from yourself, only results. It is a state of being invested emotionally, intellectually and financially. You are driven, dedicated and have the desire to be successful. Again, this is shown through the course of your actions.
We all have our own personal issues that may prevent us from taking that next step. Sometimes we just need to address these issues, especially if we are struggling with a goal that occupies our mind. And yet, we can’t seem to find the desire to move forward. If you are resisting change, what do you fear is the worst thing that can happen? It helps to get your thoughts out on paper and weigh out the pros and cons. This may allow you to see you are able to commit and your fears may not be as severe as you thought.
Make sure whatever it is you wish to change, that your health and lifestyle goals are what you truly want, and it is not the force of someone else.
When you do decide to take your next step, use only true commitment for your health and recovery.

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