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Snack Attack!

Ashley’s Latest Creations and 5 Snack Ingredients to Avoid If you haven’t tried my protein bites or snacks, that is unfortunate! (read about them on this site) In all seriousness, snacking and breakfasts are one of the biggest challenges for many people. Planning, preparing and reminding yourself to eat when you are on the fly […]

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

(The better breakfast or afternoon snack) It is tough to find a pancake recipe that is free of grains and inflammatory ingredients. This flavour is ideal for fall season. They WILL have a different texture than your standard fluffy wheat pancakes, and you may need to adjust some of the ingredients to get the batter […]

Healthiest Lasagna Recipe Ever!

This recipe has been such a hit with clients, it was time to share! Believe it or not, I experimented by eliminating all dairy/cheese from this recipe and it still turned out amazing. A pureed cauliflower cream sauce substituted very well. Grains, Gluten and Dairy are all foods many people are sensitive to, so turning […]

Happy Guts, Less Sniffles

It’s that time of year! Headaches, mucus, chills, coughs, dry throat, fever… Schools, workplaces, and even trips to the gym and grocery store expose you to all kinds of unpleasant illnesses. Sometimes it is inevitable that you will get sick, but the majority of the time a little effort on your part can decrease your […]