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Snack Attack!

Ashley’s Latest Creations and 5 Snack Ingredients to Avoid

If you haven’t tried my protein bites or snacks, that is unfortunate! (read about them on this site)

In all seriousness, snacking and breakfasts are one of the biggest challenges for many people. Planning, preparing and reminding yourself to eat when you are on the fly or busy at work isn’t easy for most of us. We either skip it or grab what is readily available such as a muffin in the office or a packaged granola bar.

What you need to be aware of is most of these snacks are a complete overload in sugar. As I stated in my recent Facebook post, high sugar snacks send you on a blood sugar roller coaster that can eventually lead to cravings and disappointment in weight loss goals.

Even if a snack is balanced with some protein and a low amount of sugar, it is also important to determine the ingredients that contribute to the makeup of the product.

If you wish to maintain your health and avoid a higher fat mass, steer clear of these ingredients below!

1. SOY PROTEIN/SOYBEAN OIL (cheapest most common protein used in bars and snacks. Slows metabolism, prevents nutrient absorption, contains high amounts of estrogen damaging to children and men. Too many to list, read “The Whole Soy Story,” for all the dirt and resources)

2. CORN SYRUP (used mostly in granola bars to help bind and sweeten them. Often, honey-flavored bars are made of mostly corn syrup)

3. HYDROGENATED ANYTHING (this ingredient equals trans fat, whether it is listed on the nutrition facts label or not)

4. ASPARTAME, SUCRALOSE, ACE-K (all artificial sweeteners that promote cravings and weight gain)

5. WHEAT FLOUR (unnecessary filler that adds additional carbohydrates, which is equivalent to sugar)

Any of the products I make are free of all these ingredients, and for good reason! You must get in the habit of digging deeper and reading labels. There is so much more to our food now than just calories and the percentage of macronutrients that make up those calories. We have really distanced ourselves from natural foods because there are so many cheaper ways of making things look healthy and taste good. It is very difficult to detect these things; therefore you need to be your own food detective. This is one of the most important topics that I address with my clients because simple skills can make such a huge difference.

Society has made nutrition appear complicated, but I assure you it isn’t. Asking for a little help can actually take your health a lot further than you may expect!


The new snacks are all low in sugars, high in protein and include healthy fats that will help with feeling satiated and reduce cravings. It takes the guesswork out of finding a healthy snack and allows some extra spare time for you!
I appreciate all the positive feedback from the samples given this week:)

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