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How to Prevent and Treat Cellulite


Do you have skin that appears dimply or lumpy in texture, particularly around those areas such as buns, thighs and stomach? 85% of adult women in North America have this on at least one area of their body. There is nothing attractive about this and, unfortunately, body fat is not to blame. Small or large, this can be a problem for many. It goes beyond fat accumulation; it has everything to do with the structure of the skin.

The arrangement of your unique connective tissue reveals whether you will experience cellulite in your life or not. The connective tissue in men is arranged differently than in women; therefore they often don’t have this issue.
(SEE LADIES! It isn’t our fault)

We will keep this simple…

Men have a cross-hatched and diagonal pattern that is smooth and continuous. Women have a different pattern that runs vertically. The connective tissue forms chamber-like structures that cause or encourage fat to bulge upward and outward into the dermis.

What CAUSES cellulite?

-Poor Diet (trans fat, high carb/sugar, lack of quality animal fats)
-Lifelong Yo-Yo Dieters (losing 5 pounds, gaining 8, losing 3, gaining 10)
-Lack of protein and vegetables
-Not drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day
-Smoking (burdens lymphatic system, and damaging in many other ways)
-Alcohol (toxic overload)
-Genetics 😦
-Lack of Collagen-Rich Foods (particularly during childhood)

How can you PREVENT or TREAT cellulite?

-Drink lots of water every single day
-Strength Training- improves skin tone
-Eliminate toxins- through skin, sweat and seasonal cleansing
-Foam Roll or Massage- increases circulation and loosens muscle fascia
-Dark Green Vegetables- help fight inflammation of connective tissue
-Bone Broth- the single most effective way to consume quality collagen that will nourish the body and repair damaged tissue and prevent cellulite

According to authors, Dr. Cate Shanahan and Luke Shanahan:

“To get rid of cellulite, combine exercise with a diet full of healthy, natural fats (including animal fat) and collagen-rich stocks. This will send the message that you want your body to replace the saggy fat pockets with smooth, toned curves.”

The foods that are readily available and convenient are not the foods that will promote health or reduce cellulite. Fast-food, packaged snacks and meals, processed vegetable oils, and sugary beverages that have replaced water are all things that take us away from healthy traditional foods. They are cheap and easy. Unfortunately many people can’t wrap their minds around the idea of spending money on quality food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also takes time, and my SUPERSTAR clients walk this walk every single day (your efforts and progress are incredible by the way). They have made the changes and invested in something they know is making a huge difference in their overall lifestyle-which also means less wrinkles and cellulite:)

Next time you are ready to purchase those designer jeans, perhaps consider the health of the body underneath that denim layer. How do you want to look and feel 10 years from now? Should you be investing your hard earned money in something else?

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