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The Shocking Truth

Eight years ago was the first time in human history where our offspring have a shorter projected lifespan than that of their parents.

If this trend continues at the current rate, in 2044 the medical expenses to take care of all the people with Type II diabetes will be more than all of the taxes in the United States.

Can you believe that?

Foods and toxic environments are the main cause of this health decline; yet people still lack the motivation and desire to value their health. Children aren’t given a fighting chance anymore and are getting addicted to gluten and sugar sometimes before their first birthday. This can result in complications such as Type II diabetes, obesity, behavior issues and other illnesses. Lack of education is a major cause of this. However, having the education and not applying it due to laziness, as well as resorting to the convenience of packaged foods, is outright disappointing. I know it’s not easy, and its damn hard to resist addicting foods and battle with children who are already addicted to sugar and processed foods. The ones that are the worst and consumed the most include: cold cereal, juices and soda, cookies, chips, crackers, and so on.

Think about where you want you and and your family to be 20 years from now. How would you like to look and feel? Do you want to spend $100+/month on medications, or would you rather apply that money to a relaxing annual vacation?

I know I can’t save everyone, or light a fire under a person who doesn’t want to change. One at a time we can reverse this trend. It is so rewarding when I work with a client and they spread their knowledge and success to other friends and family members. I have started a trend with people I’ve never met before! A lovely client of mine, who swims competitively on a Florida university team, has seen such health improvements and has never performed better in swimming. With her noticeable changes, her whole team is intrigued and beginning to follow what she has learned. Wow!

I take what I do seriously, and I am so happy I have the opportunity to work with individuals near or far. You are all constantly putting in the effort to make improvements and apply the knowledge instead of disregarding it.
I don’t take the time to post free information and tips because I don’t care. Encourage people you know to join my Facebook page and maybe they can learn strategies that will help them improve their life. I hope to continue to spread healthy options and motivation, and I’m always happy to take on new and determined people.

Have a happy and healthy week!

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