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Ashley’s Christmas Story: Just 1 Cookie

imageStaff rooms and office desks are beginning to clutter with chocolates, cookies, fudge and baked goods. Christmas baking is the best gift because it’s less expensive than an iPad, plus you get to sample some and give some away. Everyone is happy.
There they are, dressed in glistening icing and colours. Maybe just a bite of the snowman. After all,  those cute kids decorated it. The cookie has really good texture surprisingly –  I can’t have just one bite! Maybe just one more, then I will throw it away. Oh hell, it’s not that big. I will finish it and that will be it.
There is a gift bag on your desk, another box of chocolates. I won’t eat those, I will just give them to my husband to take to work. They do make those chocolates look so cute in their tiny geometrical shapes. Maybe I will take a quick peek. It is always a mystery what kind of filling is hiding inside. Strawberry…. I didn’t want strawberry, I was hoping for caramel. Let me look at the chocolate legend. Oh, they have a coconut cream. I love coconut! Okay, one caramel and one coconut and then I am done. After all, I went for a long walk last night.
Before you know it you are home and last night’s popcorn is in a bowl on the counter. I should probably throw that away. I take a handful, hmmm not too bad, still a good crunch to it. Crap, I forgot to take something out for dinner tonight. My husband has a dinner meeting and the kids ate the leftovers.
You turn on the TV and that stupid reality show is on. This one is intense. There is yelling, tears and drinks being thrown. Thirty minutes later the channel hasn’t changed and the popcorn bowl has been polished off. I didn’t even realize I ate all that, must not have been that much.
Thirsty now, there is a can of diet cola in the fridge. At least I am reaching for something without calories. Unloading my briefcase I stumble upon the same box of chocolates. I open it and then realize I can’t send these with my husband because there are some missing. Everyone will know I ate them, how embarrassing. The coconut cream was really good, there is only one left. I should have it before anyone else does and maybe the dark truffle, I heard someone say dark chocolate is good for you.
Back to the couch. After the next show you are sitting there and not feeling satisfied. There are only twelve chocolates in the box. I didn’t have dinner, I can just have a few more. They don’t even taste that amazing anymore, but I better just finish it off. You leave the remaining strawberry square, all the other spots are empty.

Sound Familiar?


Sugar is addicting and it doesn’t satisfy you. The more you have, the more you want and the harder it is to resist. Skipping meals to indulge in multiple treats is a recipe for disaster. Eat balanced meals during the day and have a controlled amount after you have consumed something healthy with vegetables and protein.
DIET DRINKS will set you up for failure. The lack of calories doesn’t mean it doesn’t trigger your hormones to store fat and crave sweets.
The constant ups and downs in your blood sugar will cause MORE cravings, healthy food will start to taste unpleasant, and you will be sitting there in January 2014 wishing your clothes fit comfortably and you didn’t have to crash diet for yet another year.

I know for a fact that many of my clients are not going to have that worry in the new year because they are eating in a way that is sustainable and we come up with individual strategies that work. Keep it up!

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