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Still Drinking Skim Milk?

In my recent workshop I mentioned how skim milk has been considered a waste product for decades. Historically, they made use of this by feeding it to pigs to fatten them prior to being slaughtered. Skim milk is one of the most profitable beverages because of this.

If the waste is being put to good use by plumping up pigs, do you really think this is benefiting your weight loss efforts? When you reduce the healthy saturated fats in a person’s diet, they will naturally turn to carbohydrates such as grains and sugar. This is what makes you fat, not saturated fat.

Skim milk is a byproduct of cream. Cream is what is used in your ice cream, cream cheese and sour cream. After the Second World War, it was decided saturated fat was to blame for heart disease and the dairy companies were ecstatic because now they could SELL their byproduct to you!
When you drink or eat items made of skim milk, you are left feeling unsatisfied. Why? What you may not realize is the lactose in the milk is sugar, and sugar will spike your insulin levels – turning on that fat-storing switch. Fat helps to stabilize your blood sugar and without it, you are craving more fat-storing foods such as grains and sugar.
In addition to this, the vitamins you THINK you are getting (A,D,E,K) are fat soluble. How can you possibly absorb these without the fat?

No adult on the planet needs to be guzzling glasses of milk on a daily basis.

A new study of more than 10,500 U.S. pre-school kids concluded there is a clear and significant link between drinking skim milk and higher body weight in children. In the study, researchers at Harvard medical school were surprised when they found that “skim and 1% milk were associated with weight gain, but dairy fat was not.”

I suggest at the very least, organic whole milk. If you don’t like the creamy taste, water it down yourself.
For adults, it is much healthier to consume smaller amounts of milk and preferably real organic cream on the occasion as a condiment. It is much more satisfying.
Non-dairy unsweetened almond milk is a healthier alternative to regular milk and can be gradually introduced as a skim milk replacement.
If you can’t get over your skim milk fetish, at the very least you should pair your milk with a healthy fat so you can remain somewhat nourished and satisfied.
You may as well buy the real thing and maybe you won’t have as many late night ice cream cravings.

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