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*SIGH* They Cut the Fat Again!

Is the cut getting you to where you want to be?
With all these low-fat options, somehow we aren’t looking any slimmer or healthier.
If you are a client of mine, you definitely eat plenty of fat every single day. You continuously look healthier and shed unwanted inches and weight.
Did you know that the FAT added to COFFEE can actually help stabilize your blood sugar, versus drinking black coffee or lattes?
Did you know that Starbucks has now discontinued 18% cream? Apparently, not enough people use it.
In short, caffeinated coffee will raise your insulin levels to an extent. This varies on the person and the quantity consumed. Carbohydrates such as sugar, syrups, 2% milk, honey, skim milk, and Splenda will all contribute to an even higher increase. Those sugar-free syrups are actually worse than you think and can spike blood sugar HIGHER than some regular forms of sugar. The more carbohydrates that are added to coffee, the higher the spike and the more INTENSE the crash. You know what I am talking about, that feeling of sleepiness and inability to function or work efficiently.
Adding higher-fat, lower carbohydrate condiments such as REAL cream will help to stabilize blood sugar and weight loss. If sweetness is needed, stevia is a good choice.
I am by no means suggesting you go out of your way to drink coffee if this is not a habit of yours. I am telling you that the real cream- 18% or higher will benefit you and NOT make you fat. Before noon, a cup or two of coffee with a couple teaspoons of real cream is not the end of the world.
It saddens me that Starbucks has taken this away entirely, and will not even offer it on request. For the amount of money they charge for coffee that is not even organic, I think this is an unfortunate move.
I will bet as the years go on and more people realize that NATURAL FAT IS GOOD FOR YOU (always has been), we will then see cream making a comeback. In the meantime, you can either take your business elsewhere or bring your own cream. Oh goodie! — Another condiment to put in your pocket or add to your purse stash!
Starbucks does have a good selection of herbal teas that are tasty and count towards your water intake! Herbal teas don’t impact blood sugar whatsoever so you can have these black all day long if you like. Less caffeine is always better.
Slowly, our food supply is changing and getting back to how it should be. The “Fat War” is improving and we are now seeing many healthy fats available such as varieties of virgin coconut oil, organic butter (mmmm), ghee, avocado oil, quality yogurts , cream cheese, sour cream and cottage cheese.
Get those good fats back in and start feeling and looking better!
For more info on the Starbucks cream cut, you can visit this page: http://o.canada.com/life/food-drink/starbucks-canada-war-on-cream

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