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My Story image For the past ten years I have developed a strong passion for nutrition, health and wellness. Through unplanned trial and error, I have experienced and witnessed many different approaches to health and weight loss. Studying nutrition in college following four years of professional nutrition experience led me to the desire to complete my Masters in Nutrition and Exercise.  Credentials are important; however the pathways that drove me to where I am today were more than just books, lectures and exams. I have walked the walk when it comes to nutrition, weight management and the unpleasant struggles that go along with both. My battles with genetic disease and misinformation have caused a complete transformation in my beliefs and strengths that I bring to the table.

My focus is deeper than just the numbers on the scale. It is investigating the root causes of the problems and learning to nourish ourselves with the right foods for our body type. We are all unique and there is no perfect plan or program that works for everyone. Having the knowledge to develop programs based on individual needs is something that most companies advertise, yet fail to do. When I say programs are individual, I truly mean that. I am the perfect example of a trial and error case. Compassion and empathy are strengths of mine, but I also ensure goals are met through regular accountability and client interaction. This service is about building a relationship through honesty and communication.

Offering discreet services means there is no intimidation, no group weigh-ins, and no more discouraging conversations or painful guilt for unsuccessful program results. There is no need to drive anywhere and services are in the comfort of your preferred environment. When you are eating the right fuel for your body you will feel better and not want to give up. When we are promised miraculous weight loss in a matter of days, this is not the right approach. If we don’t seek health from the inside out, there will never be long-term benefits and maintenance. Fitness is not a requirement, but a definite beneficial component to everyone’s lifestyle. The values go beyond just appearance and can assist with attitude, focus, drive, and managing emotions. Movement will be incorporated into programs based on goals and comfort level.

Please use the contact form with any questions about the services offered.

Start from within, make a commitment today and don’t look back!

Ashley Toye

MS in Nutrition and Exercise

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