When it comes to social gatherings and family feasts, the opportunities to indulge seem endless. Often, it’s the increased consumption of sugar, alcohol and refined carbohydrates that encourage those excess pounds to stick around. For many of us, it only takes one or two meals to lose complete momentum with our healthy-eating routines. If you […]

Is your healthy back-to-school food routine a SUGAR NIGHTMARE?

It’s back to CRAZY time, and everyone is ready to get back in routine.  Providing your kids (us big kids too) with nutritious and tasty snacks is more important than you think.  Nutrition is not just about eating green vegetables for vitamins—it is also crucial when it comes to stable moods, behavior and focus.  This […]


Does your salad need a makeover? Warm summer months are a great time to eat cold salads and dips.  Unfortunately, salads aren’t always a healthy choice. If you’re putting the effort into assembling a lovely salad, why drench it with inflammatory ingredients?  Check out these these damaging ingredients, and assess if your salad is in […]

Temporary or Permanent Weight Loss? You Choose.

If you aren’t seeing results by now, there may be some barriers that haven’t been brought to your attention. Sometimes the simple steps to maintain a healthy body can start to slide, even when we think we are eating healthy. Frustrating, isn’t it? If you are having a difficult time with permanent success, one (or […]

You are Struggling. What is Getting in the Way?

‘Tis the season. Where do you lack the motivation? Is it a battle with your weight? Are you tired all the time? Do you want to feel better and prevent disease? Somehow, no matter what the goal is, we find it SO difficult to prioritize our health and give ourselves the chance to FEEL GOOD. […]

*SIGH* They Cut the Fat Again!

Is the cut getting you to where you want to be? With all these low-fat options, somehow we aren’t looking any slimmer or healthier. If you are a client of mine, you definitely eat plenty of fat every single day. You continuously look healthier and shed unwanted inches and weight. Did you know that the […]

Battling the Bulge with GREEN

Eat your vegetables. Mother told you, you hear it from doctors, professionals, and in magazines. Are you doing it? For many people, the struggle of eating vegetables seems to be an endless battle. When we omit vegetables from our diets, clearly we are missing out on key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help with our […]

Still Drinking Skim Milk?

In my recent workshop I mentioned how skim milk has been considered a waste product for decades. Historically, they made use of this by feeding it to pigs to fatten them prior to being slaughtered. Skim milk is one of the most profitable beverages because of this. If the waste is being put to good […]

Holiday Meal Strategies!

When people talk about their upcoming holiday feasts, they often refer to turkey as being the cause of their future weight gain and reason to run extra miles on the treadmill. What you may not realize is that turkey is likely the healthiest part of the meal! It is a clean source of protein and […]

Ashley’s Christmas Story: Just 1 Cookie

Staff rooms and office desks are beginning to clutter with chocolates, cookies, fudge and baked goods. Christmas baking is the best gift because it’s less expensive than an iPad, plus you get to sample some and give some away. Everyone is happy. There they are, dressed in glistening icing and colours. Maybe just a bite […]