12 effective tips for sex

12 effective tips for sex

Has it been a long time since you’ve had sex? Between kids, work, finances and other various pressures, a sexual encounter that turns you on can seem like a luxury. If you want to have a sex that makes you feel good physically and mentally, read the following comments, they will help you have a better sex.

Sweaty bodies in movies, tangled sheets, shaking beds, blood-curdling moans ...... may not sound like the real thing, but here are some tips that may help you achieve these scenarios.

Welcome to continue reading the following. You may already have a good sexual experience, but it may be better.

12 effective tips for sex

1. Sex is a right that everyone has

If life has left signs of age on Ree’s body. Because you have become heavier and certain parts are not as aesthetically pleasing as they used to be, you start to worry if your significant other wants to have sex with you. My answer: don’t worry.

“When you’re having sex in bed, your partner doesn’t worry about any little imperfections a woman might have,” says Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., author of Pleasure: A Woman’s Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need, and Deserve).

When your significant other is engaged in sex, he’s focused, like a wolf with eyes only for prey, and he’s not overly concerned with other minor imperfections.

In addition, your significant other’s body may not be perfect either, so there is no need to feel inferior. Be brave enough to ask for it, and act on it.

12 effective tips for sex

2. Schedule sex ahead of time

You may think it’s ridiculous to schedule sex in advance, but if you can schedule sports in advance, then why not schedule sex? Just like the beginning of a story, it always needs to be warmed up first to set the mood.

It’s important to schedule sex so that your significant other is better prepared when everything is planned. It may be psycho-spiritual preparation, it may be physical preparation, or it may be material preparation.

Scheduling well in advance can make the experience of the sex you are about to have a better one. Because your other half is like a car engine that has been warmed up early.

3. Use whatever way feels comfortable

Do not stick to the way of sex, boldly let go of the body and mind, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Here are some data that may interest you:

  • 17% have tried bondage
  • 20% have used a blindfold
  • 30% have had anal sex
  • 62% masturbate (usually three to four times a week)
  • 40% use vibrators
  • 14% look at online porn
  • 70% need clitoral stimulation to slide into home plate
  • 18% opt for oral sex

4. Forget about various sexual positions

Use the position that both partners feel comfortable in.

There are many ridiculous standards about how women should act during sex. I’d say to hell with those, there’s no need to make yourself suffer.

When you’re having sex, your significant other is the one who doesn’t pay attention to these ridiculous standards.

5. Use the right lubricant

The right lubricant can make the sexual experience better. There are several types of lubricants to try, including water-based and silicon-based ones, so experiment to see which works best for you.

One rule when choosing a lubricant is to avoid anything that makes you feel hot, or cool, or tastes fruity. These will usually irritate your skin.

6. Clean well in advance

Whether it’s the mouth, the pubic area, the penis or any other part of the body, it should be cleaned well before the sexual act.

This is not only a simple etiquette but also to avoid some unnecessary diseases.

12 effective tips for sex

7. Eat more fish

Fish oil can reduce inflammation, blood pressure, and lower cholesterol. Also, it helps open up those tiny blood vessels down there.

In addition, fish oil raises the testosterone in your body (yes, women have this hormone too), so you’ll notice your arousal more quickly.

You can get a high dose of fish oil by eating salmon, mackerel, lake trout, sardines or herring twice a week, and of course, taking supplements.

8. if you feel pain during sexual intercourse

The first thing to determine is whether it is due to a problem with the position. If so, then change to a position that they satisfy both parties with.

Second, if you still feel pain, then you need to take deep breaths of relaxation and try to forget about the pain. This can be a good way to help you identify if the pain is caused by tension.

Finally, if the above doesn’t work well, then I suggest you go to the hospital to see a doctor.

9. Some medications may harm your sex drive

If you are taking certain medications, such as antidepressants, blood pressure medications, or even birth control pills.

You can consult your doctor to find out if the medications you are currently taking are affecting your sex drive.

There is a standard that if you are taking medications that act on the hormones in your body, then odds are that they will affect your sex drive.

10. Use vibrators for help

Only about 30% of women achieve orgasm through penetration alone. This means that up to 70% of us need to use our own hands or a vibrator to reach orgasm.

Choosing the right vibrator can help us have better orgasms and can reduce the stress of sex for our significant other.

You can try to let your significant other control your vibrator. That may be a wonderful experience.

12 effective tips for sex

11. Choose the right space

Try to choose a home or other undisturbed environment, which will allow you to maintain sufficient concentration.

Don’t be in a public place in a fitting room or toilet. That will make you feel rushed.

12. The most important thing: birth control

If you are not ready to have another child, then use birth control.

Don’t believe the words, “I’ll pull out when I’m about to ejaculate.”

If you accidentally get pregnant and you don’t want it, it can be a problem for women, especially since birth control is illegal in some states (which is bullshit).

12 effective tips for sex

Finally, I hope that all of you who have read this article have a better sexual experience, and if you have female friends, you can forward them to read it. I sincerely hope that the above suggestions will be helpful to you.

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