18 sex toys with the best sense of experience in 2022

5 sex toys with the best sense of experience in 2022

In recent years, sales of sex toys have climbed sharply due to the new crown epidemic. In addition to the increase in sales, the acceptance of sex toys among the public is also growing, and at the same time, a variety of new sex toys have emerged. Introductory consumers often have no insight into what kind of sex toys to choose, so it also written this article to help you go for a better understanding of sex toys. The following content is only for female sex toys.

The core of female sex toys focuses on the following areas.

  • In vitro or in vivo
  • Fine or coarse
  • Stationary or vibrating
  • Straight or curved

All sex toys are basically a combination of the above aspects, so you need to consider your own situation when buying, combined with the above aspects, to choose the most suitable for their toys.

After the introduction of the core of female sex toys, the next is specific to which products, the following are more popular and experience a better sense of some of the products.

2021 New Rose Dual Sex Toys Erotic Sucking Vibrator For Women

2-in-1 vibrating and sucking dual-use toy

This is a dual-purpose toy that vibrates and sucks, satisfying both needs with just one product. It can be used either during masturbation or sex. Realize the effect of 1+1 is greater than 2. Sucking and vibration work simultaneously to bring you to orgasm quickly.


 2022 New 10-speed 2-in-1 vibrating and sucking sex toys

New 10-speed 2-in-1 vibrating and sucking sex toy

This is another dual-use sex toy for sucking and vibrating. The exquisite and simple design has won the hearts of the public, with waterproof design, multi-position adjustment, and silent design, so you can enjoy the pleasure of orgasm without worries. We ergonomically designed the unique shape to fit the human vaginal structure perfectly.



New 2 in 1 G-spot Clitoris Stimulator

Innovative vacuum vibration technology provides non-contact orgasms. Use the suction mode to gently tease your clitoris and feel it around your clitoris. Then turn on the vibration mode and enjoy the stimulation of the vibrations. It’s easy to get into a state of wonder like you’ve never experienced before. It is more of an advanced version compared to the first one before it.


2022 New G-spot Clitoris Stimulator Rabbit Strong Dildo Vibrator Pink
Rabbit Strong Dildo Vibrator

Pink color can subconsciously enhance people’s libido. The arc-shaped design fits the vagina. While vibrating, the rabbit-like tentacles give you a looming touch, making you want to stop. As a new product for 2022, it’s worth buying.



New G-spot vibrating dildo head vibrator

Exquisite appearance, make people love it. Imitation phallus head design brings you actual experience and double point vibration to bring you to orgasm quickly. According to the user’s description: This is one of my favorite sex toys.


 These are a few sex toy recommendations. The follow-up will continue to update sex toy recommendations. Welcome to buy experience. According to research experiments, about 60-70% of women use at least 1 sex toy in their lifetime, so take the first step and try it bravely.

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