87 healthy living habits

87 healthy living habits

1. When setting your alarm, set it 10 minutes earlier so you don’t panic and rush when it rings. Give your brain and body more time to wake up.

healthy living

2. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes in the morning and before bedtime.

3. Floss and use fluoride toothpaste to prevent tooth decay. Healthy teeth are the key to a great smile ...... and a great appetite. 

4. After 3 months of using a toothbrush, it is time to change it. If the bristles have become deformed and discolored, replace it in time.

5. After using the towel, scrub it, wring it out, unfold it and hang it up. 

6. Drink a glass of water when you get up. 

7. go to the toilet when you feel like it, don’t hold it in; if you don’t feel like it, don’t occupy the toilet and make a silly effort.

healthy living

8. try not to read a book in the toilet, try not to bring the phone, three or five minutes to finish. Otherwise, how many recurring hemorrhoids, sudden prolapse, will slowly find you?

9. after the stool to look at the urine and stool, color, traits if abnormal, to pay attention to.

10. friends suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, follow the doctor’s instructions to take medication on time and in accordance with the amount, do not change the type of drugs, dosage, and do not use health care products instead of drugs.

11. when the weather is good, the quilt in the sun, the bed sheets and pillowcases change diligently.

12. study, work, play games, watch TV ...... sit for a long time, remember to stand a station, move your arms and legs. Especially when the work at hand encountered a bottleneck or playing games can not win, because “stand” is invincible.

13. better eat a breakfast, full of energy to start a new day.

healthy living

14. snacks do not put on the edge of the desk, sofa, coffee table, bedside table, to hide inside the refrigerator, high in the cabinet, the deepest drawer, or simply put on the shelves of convenience stores do not bring home.

15. puffed food for nuts, dairy products, fruit.

16. Nuts are best bought in their original flavor. Dairy products buy sugar-free, low sugar. Fruit buy fresh, not fried dried fruit or preserves.

17. all day wearing high heels, beautiful enough but also tired enough, remember to put a pair of comfortable shoes in the office. Women are better for themselves, starting with a pair of solid, well-fitting, cushioned shoes.

18. often sit on the chair or sofa, put a cushion to support your back.

Whether it is heavy lifting, or pick up a piece of paper on the ground, first squat, and then straight back to pick up. If you bend down directly to pick up, the pressure on the waist is great, easy to be injured.

healthy living

20. walk without slouching or hurrying. Lift your buttocks, take big steps, lift your head and chest and collect your belly. Remind yourself not to hunch your back, easy neck pain, back muscle stiffness.

21. ventilate your room often, when the air is good outside.

22. wear an N95 mask and turn on your air purifier when the air outside is not so good.

23. Eat at least 1 pound of vegetables a day, including more than half of the dark green ones.

24. preferably drink 1 cup of milk a day. 

healthy living

25. eat 25 ingredients per week. 

26. pay attention to high-quality protein, preferably chicken, fish, shrimp, eggs and milk. 

27. eat less red meat, less sausage, ham, bacon. 

28. when ordering out for dinner, avoid the table with dry-fried, braised, dry pot, boiled, stir-fried, casserole words, so you can quietly Mimi less calorie intake.

healthy living

29. Do not always use one side of the teeth to chew food, chew both sides in turn. Otherwise, the usual teeth will double wear, facial muscles will also look “small and large face” because of uneven force.

30. chew slowly to avoid burning, but also to reduce the gas swallowing caused by indigestion.

31. The longer food is kept at room temperature, the more microorganisms multiply, so if you know you can’t finish it when it comes out of the pot, divide it in advance and put it in the fridge, keeping meat dishes for 2 days at most, while vegetarian dishes are recommended to be finished within 1 day.

Don’t always drink white porridge. It raises blood sugar quickly, is not nutritious, and does not support the stomach. 

35. take a 20-minute break at noon, preferably lying down for a while. Lying on your back is fine. Do not press your face, do not press your eyes. 

36. raise the phone to a height parallel to the eyes, do not play with the phone, the pressure on the cervical spine is very large, probably equivalent to several times when not lowering the head.

healthy living

37. drink less carbonated drinks, sugary drinks. 

38. happy when you can drink a sip. Other times, it is best not to drip alcohol.

39. fresh fruit instead of cakes, cookies, ice cream and other desserts, do not use fruit juice instead of fruit, even if it is freshly squeezed.

40. chewing betel nut is not recommended.

healthy living

41. when not in a hurry, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator (people who are heavy or have joint discomfort, choose exercises that are less irritating to the joints), and ride a bicycle instead of riding a car.

42. ensure that 5 times a week, each time not less than half an hour of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, fat loss and body building, enhance cardiorespiratory function, more enhance the value of the face, because the beautiful “moving” people.

43. remember to warm up and stretch before and after exercise.

44. Have an objective scale, an accurate blood pressure meter, an honest tape measure and a flat and fair mirror to keep track of your weight, blood pressure, waistline and figure.

45. keep the room tidy, regularly clean up the living clutter, do not wear the clothes donated, do not use the clutter thrown away.

healthy living

46. clean your teeth once every six months to a year.

47. cooking must be turned on the hood. 

48. Separate cutting boards for raw food and cooked food, and separate rags for wiping countertops and washing dishes.

49. wash the rags promptly and thoroughly after use, disinfect them by boiling water for 15 minutes every week, and replace them once every one to three months.

50. Mix one-third to one-half of white rice with mixed grains and beans to make mixed grains and beans rice. 

healthy living

51. when cooking less salt, it is best to buy a salt-limiting spoon, cheap and easy to use.

52. eat less bacon, curd, pickled eggs, pickles, kimchi. Salt is the first of all flavors. Salt is also a high-risk factor for many diseases.

53. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach, eat too cold, too spicy and too sour food. However, you can eat breakfast on an empty stomach ~ ~ ~ 54.

54. wash your hands before and after meals, use hand sanitizer or soap, and scrub carefully.

healthy living

55. need to take long-term medication friends, prepare a small pillbox, set a reminder to take medication. 

56. do not take “anti-inflammatory drugs” at will.

57. Preventive infusions to pass blood vessels are not only useless but also risky, especially to remind the elderly in the family of this point.

58. The volume of audio devices should preferably not exceed 60% of the maximum volume. In-ear or headphones can be heard at lower volumes, but choose good quality ones to protect delicate eardrums.

healthy living

59. Many health product advertisements are presented as wellness programs. The more miraculous it looks, the more likely it is to be a flimflam.

60. If you have a pet at home, be sure to give it vaccinations.

61. Walk your dog on a leash to keep you, me and your dog safe.

healthy living

62. pay attention to sun protection. The weather forecast app on your phone will show the UV index, and it is recommended to apply sunscreen if it is over 5. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF greater than 15, and you will need about the size of a dollar bill for your face. 

Regular medical checkups. Generally, once a year, the middle-aged and elderly people with chronic diseases follow the doctor’s instructions for regular review. 

64. when you go to the hospital to review, bring the previous examination report, write down the name of the recent medication.

65. Pay attention to cleansing and moisturizing. Doing these two things well is enough to solve many skin problems.

66. Use mild soap or body wash for bathing instead of strong alkaline soap.

67. Use a humidifier to maintain proper humidity in the room.

healthy living

68. scalp also needs sun protection, must go out in the summer sun hat or umbrella, do not scratch the scalp when washing hair, blowing hair when the hair dryer not to the hottest gear. The importance of hair on the face, do not wait to lose it before you know.

69. Some people are shiny on the outside, but behind the scenes they don’t change their underwear regularly. Change your underwear every day!

70. Thongs should not be worn every day, and then come into play at critical moments. The appearance is for others to appreciate. The comfort of the body is for their own experience.

71. change of clothes, timely cleaning, do not soak in water for a few days regardless, especially underwear and socks.

healthy living

72. it is best not to eat before going to bed, really hungry, a small glass of milk, a piece of bread or a piece of fruit is more appropriate.

73. when sleeping, lying on your back is best. Side lying is also OK. Back pain, if the waist can be padded with a small pillow.

74. choose a comfortable pillow, a fist high, 1.5 times the width of the shoulder, support the neck can be higher than the support of the back of the head part of about three to five centimeters.

75. remember to go to the hospital if you snore in bed seriously.

healthy living

76. when wearing a condom, first pinch the top sperm storage sac with your hand to expel the air, otherwise it may cause the condom to break during use.

77. the safety period is not safe, who believe who happy to be a father.

78. masturbation is a normal physiological behavior, it has a positive impact on sexual life, pay attention to the cleanliness before and after it is good.

The fact is that you will not be able to get a good deal on your own. Make sure you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. 80.

80. quit smoking! If you are willing to suffer the dangers of smoking, think about your family and friends. 90% of lung cancers are related to smoking. 

Do not always squint, otherwise it is easy to deepen the crow’s feet. Remember to get glasses if you are nearsighted and farsighted. 

82. If a person is under some kind of stress or stimulation for a long time, there is a real possibility that the hair will get less and less. In the face of hair loss, it pays to think outside the box.

healthy living

83. If you and your family have a chronic illness, learn more about it and have a good idea of what to do about common problems and emergencies that arise.

84. maintain a passion for life and a childlike curiosity about the world.

85. If you suspect that you are depressed, don’t be afraid. Go to a psychiatric department of a tertiary care hospital for professional diagnosis and treatment.

86. Appropriate stress is not a bad thing, taking stress as a bad thing is a bad thing.

87. Hugging your family, lover, and friends more often can effectively relieve stress.

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