Benefits Of Using Sex Toys In The Bedroom

Benefits Of Using Sex Toys In The Bedroom

How many people use sex toys?

The sex toy industry is getting a lot of buzzes about "good vibrations" and buying and using sex toys is becoming more mainstream.
Research conducted at Indiana University found that 53% of women and 45% of men aged 18-65 had used a vibrator, and that using a vibrator can improve sexual function and have beneficial effects on sexual health. In addition to providing pleasure and fun, sex toys can be a useful adjunct to medical treatment.

Benefits Of Using Sex Toys In The Bedroom


Do sex toys bring more pleasure and sexual satisfaction

"People who have used sex toys report being more satisfied with their sex life across all metrics, including quality of orgasm and quality of masturbation," Dr. Donaghue says.

The more you explore your body and experiment with toys, the more likely you are to know how to get yourself off — whether you're rolling solo or with a partner.

According to Dr. Donaghue, Americans report a 90 percent satisfaction level when they sleep with men who use sex toys. As for those men who shy away from toys and don't use them, that satisfaction level is 76 percent.

Benefits Of Using Sex Toys In The Bedroom


What are the health benefits of sex toys?

"Using sex toys to enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm can help you sleep, boost your immune system, relieve pain, reduce stress and improve your brain power," comments Evans.
"And age isn't a barrier. One woman told us that she enjoyed her first orgasm at age 70 using sex toys. They have few side effects, unlike medication, and can help many women enjoy clitoral orgasms and G-spot orgasms, something they may not have achieved before. Sex toys can also help people continue to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure when penetrative sex is not possible."

For both men and women, sex toys for couples can open up conversations about sex and what they enjoy as individuals and together.

"It may be something they haven't tried before due to embarrassment or fear of buying the item, but can get expert advice," de Giorgio says, "and they may find their sex lives benefit from this new openness."

Benefits Of Using Sex Toys In The Bedroom


Should GPs prescribe sex toys on the NHS?

"I work with a lot of people who recommend them," Evans said." Sex toys are considered a valuable 'tool' to complement traditional medicine. Many health care providers (HCPs) are working to normalize their patients' sex lives, rather than medicalize them. We have created a health brochure in conjunction with HCPs, and many distribute it to their patients."

However, we still have a long way to go before recommended sex toys become the norm for all HCPs, and many are struggling to talk to their patients about sex.

"I think it is unlikely that sex toys will be available to men or women by prescription because medical devices must be regulated," de Giorgio added. It would be very helpful, however, for health care practitioners to begin discussing sexuality during medical consultations, allowing people to talk about their difficulties without embarrassment.

Benefits Of Using Sex Toys In The Bedroom


Using sex toys helps boost body confidence?

When you know the ins and outs of your body — literally — you gain an appreciation for it. The human body is a fine-tuned work of art. Just the fact that the clitoris exists solely for pleasure is, in itself, extraordinary.

"Those who masturbate weekly are more likely to feel positively about their looks and body than those who don’t," Dr. Donaghue says. "Sex toys allow you to experiment with different sensations, stimulation areas and simultaneous pleasure points in a safe manner, giving you the gift of knowing what makes you feel good. Then you can repeat this roadmap with yourself or know exactly what to communicate to your partner."

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