How many women have sex toys?

How many women have vibrators?The truth shocked me.

Danielle Demers:

Most women have at least one toy, don't let them tell you any different. Me personally i'm what some would consider freaky in the bedroom, like freaky deaky. I have many toys as in maybe 60 or so, an entire drawer full. They include a wide variety of vibrators, dildos, cuffs ,ropes, oils, lotions, messagers, sensitizer and desensitizer fluids, edible message candles, ect ect. I like to have fun, I like to please my partner to the extreme, male and female. I enjoy my partner squirming and screaming in total orgasmic pleasure. I practice tantric sex and have orgasms that last several body quaking minutes. One does not leave my bedroom unsatisfied ever, and each time with the same person is better than the last ;


According to my opinion every women should have vibrators. vibrators can help a woman to get orgasm and release the stress. Most of men are not even aware of woman orgasm. A woman doesn't get orgasm just by penetration, it needs a lots of efforts and right skills. Having vibrators can definitely spice up the sex life of a couple. It can help you to come out of that continuous monotony.
At the age of 27, I got my first massager . It was my wedding gift from a friend. I was not even aware that we can get these products in India so easily, obviously it was named as a full body massager on their website. It look so pretty and cute .
The experience was so damn good that I recommended the same for my sister in law and her reviews were also same . It is one of the best gift I have ever received.

James Paulsell:

I think this is one of those things that the vast majority of people have some level of experience with, but very few talk about.

Christina Miller:

I found stats that 46% of women reported using vibrators most during masturbation and self-pleasure.
37% of women reported regularly using a vibrator with their sexual partner either during intercourse.
Women in a relationship are more inclined to use a vibrator than ladies who are single.
A lot of women use vibrators, but most of them keep it a secret.

Tamsin Flowers:

I have a pretty nice collection of vibrators, I have a few dildos in different sizes (5 inches to 9 inches), a rabbit vibrator, a few magic wands and a few bullet vibrators.
All my close girl friends have at least one vibrator or dildo, most have a couple.
I’d say it’s pretty normal for a woman to have a vibrator.
I mean I love using my fingers to play, but some of these vibrators take masturbation and even sex to a whole new level.

How many women have sex toys?

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