How Sex Toys Became A Lockdown Essential

How Sex Toys Became A Lockdown Essential

How Sex Toys Became A Lockdown Essential

We take supplements, meditate religiously and practice yoga to calm our busy minds - but how many of us would admit to masturbating to maintain good mental health?

It’s certainly an effective method of self-care - 78% of us (that’s four out of five) say we feel happier and less stressed after enjoying an orgasm. It seems that now more than ever, we’re looking for these positive side effects.

More time at home, less interaction with others, and a significant decrease in the amount of touch (another endorphin booster) we experience each day, all mean that making time to enjoy ourselves and focus on our bodies has never been more important.

Whereas in the past, social discourse about sexuality focused on notions of feminine danger and virtue, today - happily female sexual expression is something to be embraced, enjoyed and cheered.

In the UK alone, more women own a vibrator than a dishwasher.

“My goal is to focus on beauty and health stores with a strong message that sexual pleasure is important to overall health, a fact that has been scientifically proven in research.” Gasnault said.

From releasing a mixture of hormones in the body that boosts mood and lowers cortisol levels to reducing pain and enhancing sleep, the benefits of self-pleasure are manifold - and within reach. All it takes is knowing your own body.

“We also found that when a woman is comfortable enough with herself to have a vibrator and masturbate, she’s usually better at vulva and breast exams as well, so that’s really better for our overall health,” Gasnault notes. It’s also worth noting that the study found a positive correlation between self-pleasure and improved immunity as well.

There’s no denying that taking time to connect with ourselves, our bodies and what we like and dislike is just as empowering as it is calming and adds a little joy to our day - whether it’s through a craft project or a vibrator — can be just one good thing, especially in tough times. Seasonality also likens masturbation and orgasm to meditative moments: “When you experience sexual pleasure, you’re really in the moment - it brings you back to yourself. “

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