How sex toys can assist in sex life

How sex toys can assist in sex life

How sex toys can assist in sex life

Before we can talk about how sex toys can improve our sex lives, we need to know how sex toys were created? Most people probably think that sex toys were invented only as a tool for pleasure, but this is not the case; when sex toys were first invented, they were used to treating diseases.

How sex toys can assist in sex life

The 2011 film “Hysteria” tells the story of how the vibrator was invented: In Victorian England, a condition known by doctors as “hysteria” caused women to faint, suffer from anxiety, insomnia, irritability, erotic fantasies and excessive vaginal lubrication.Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville, digitally, brought women to orgasm (a term that had not yet been coined or understood), and thus treating the disorder.

But as the number of patients grew, he became overwhelmed. Eventually, he and a friend decided to come up with a device that could do this work for him - and the vibrator was born.

So sex toys aren’t really just tools used simply for pleasure, they’re also a cure for what ails women, whether mentally or physically or in a partnership.

Currently, there are more and more types of sex toys, including the types of sex toys for women include: rose vibrating toys, rose sucking toys, vibrators, tongue sex toys (vibrating licking method) and so on.

Indiana University did a study where they found that in today’s society, more than 1/2 of women have used a vibrator at some point, and 1/4 of them have used a vibrator in the past month. Also, they found that when women use sex toys; they don’t just use them alone, many women prefer to use them with their partners during sex.

An Australian study showed that 61% of couples own at least one adult sex toy, with an average of 2.6 sex toys per couple.

There was a time when sex toys were considered taboo, dirty, or kinky. And to buy a sex toy, you often needed to enter a dark, seedy establishment.

But now buying sex toys is much more understood (and even sometimes bragged about), and it’s possible to order sex toys online, with more variety and privacy.

The term “fake orgasm” is not new to most women, I think, because many women are unable to have an orgasm through penetrative sex alone. When they have sex, their orgasms are caused by their partner’s orgasms being in tune with or in response to them, and are not real orgasms. However, the use of sex toys during sex can provide stimulation to the clitoris in a way that sex alone cannot. The use of sex toys during sex can help prolong the time for the man and bring the woman to a true orgasm, making it a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both the man and the woman.

How sex toys can assist in sex life

So how can you improve your sex life with sex toys? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Communicate openly

First, partners have different perceptions of sex toys due to different ideas. Therefore, both partners need to communicate openly about things like: Can sex toys be used to assist during sex? What kind of sex toys to use? The two partners need to communicate openly about issues such as this is also a way to understand each other’s perception of sex.

  • Avoid using sex toys at the beginning of a relationship

Bringing up the topic of sex toys at the beginning of a relationship is probably not a good idea. Your partner may think you are saying he or she can’t satisfy you. Therefore, a consensus needs to be reached before discussing sex toys, in a way that can be referred to in point one.

  • Focus on enhancing your sexual relationship

Both men and women can be insecure when it comes to their sex lives. When a partner brings up the idea of sex toys, some may see it as an insult and a criticism of their ability to satisfy their partner. When introducing the idea of a sex toy, make sure to focus on how it can enhance an already fulfilling sex life.

  • Be intentional with your sex toys

Tell your partner the type of sex toy you want to use and how it can help you have better sex, so both parties can understand and be engaged in the intense sex that is about to take place.

  • Don’t force it

Everyone has different sexual values and can accept different levels. Therefore, if your partner is not interested in sex toys, there is no need to force it. Maybe he won’t agree for a short time, but after a while he will find it acceptable again.

  • Choose together

Choosing the right sex toy together can help you choose the type of toy that is acceptable to both partners. There are now many online sex toy stores such as, or Listen to each other and choose the right type.

  • Keep the humor

Have fun when selecting your toys and make sure you have a sense of humor about the process.

  • Try different kinds

There are so many different kinds of sex toys available today that it’s a surprise to try different kinds - you never know if you’ll be eating an apple or a banana today.

  • Use sex toys in moderation

During sex, you can use sex toys during foreplay or intermittently during the process, but be sure to avoid using sex toys throughout.

  • Reasonable arrangement of sex frequency

Avoid uncontrolled sex due to the possession of sex toys, which in turn leads to an uncontrolled sex life.

  • Don’t talk about sex toys after sex.

After sex, you should try to avoid talking about sex toys and focus on each other. You should say, “You were great!”, instead of saying, “That was a great toy.”

I believe that if you follow the above suggestions well, you will be able to improve your sex life better with sex toys.

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