How to choose and use sex toys as a novice

How to choose and use sex toys as a novice

How to choose and use sex toys as a novice

Nowadays, sex toys are slowly becoming a trend.

The basic design principles of sex toys are based on bionics and ergonomics, designing more additional functions in addition to imitating existing ones as much as possible, and even developing many functions that real people cannot provide, constantly refining the needs.

Selection of vibrators and jumping eggs can be seen, smelled, listened to, touched, drains these five aspects to separate the good and bad vibrators and categories, the so-called look, smell, listen, touch is - look at the shape, listen to the sound, smell the smell, touch the material, select the channel.

 choose and use sex toys as a novice

1. see

Modeling in accordance with the style of vibrators can be divided into European and American ergonomic design style and the Japanese tentacle class vibration style of vibrators, the difference between them can be compared to the image of mineral water and Coke feeling.

2. smell

Odor qualified products are no pungent smell, because of the production process, silicone in the field will certainly have some rubber flavor, but definitely not large, only the nose close to the vibrator to smell out, and only a faint rubber flavor, and even some aroma, cleaning a few times completely gone.

3. listen

Sound vibration sound related to the quality of the vibrator motor, the general motor vibration sound about 50 decibels, ultra-silent motor only 45 decibels, the quieter the motor the better the quality of the motor, the longer the life.

4. touch

Material erotic goods material from soft and hard order: TPE → silicone → ABS. so by touch you can largely distinguish the product material and feel. The softer the material, the more suitable for newcomers, feel more skin-friendly, better adaptability, but a slight lack of stimulation, so we see that most of the toys made of TPE to add hair touch, bump to increase stimulation, to balance the material stimulation deficiencies; hard material is more suitable for players above the intermediate stage.

couple with sex toys

Finally, talk about the use of sex toys TIPS

  1. sex toys intimate items, for health reasons, do not share
  2. Remember to clean before use, just warm water to clean, if necessary, available erotic disinfectant
  3. After use should also be immediately cleaned, dried, and stored well
  4. Do not use while charging to avoid accidents
  5. Try to use with human lubricant, so as not to hurt the skin
  6. Use the steps, first with low-frequency and then high-frequency, do not come to adjust the maximum.


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