How to keep a good relationship between partners?

How to keep a good relationship between partners?

How to keep a good relationship between partners?

1. so that you and your partner to maintain the attractiveness.

This attraction includes sex, and the basis of sexual attraction is to be in shape, and to look good to stay / be healthier.

Perhaps this statement seems superficial. How can love be mixed with sex?

But for from a biological point of view, it is so realistic that if I or the other person is no longer attractive, then the relationship will not last.

So don’t believe the words of the devil.

“Eat more. It’s okay to be fat. I love you too and I love you all.”

I like your belly, soft and comfortable.

2. No matter how busy you are, make time for each other to date.

Every relationship needs companionship time, and effective companionship.

The actual company is not the kind of phone that we play with each other. It’s not about me sticking to you, it’s about companionship, which can leave the other person breathless.

I’ve seen many couples who are very busy in their own lives or careers and only see each other a few times a week. But when they are together, they are 100% focused on each other.

No matter how important your work schedule is, make time for each other by scheduling a date night or vacation plan every week, month or even quarter. Don’t continue working on your phone when you’re together.

How to keep a good relationship between partners?

3. When you are talking, you try to listen to each other as much as possible.

This is a very important piece of advice. Many people always think they know each other well enough to understand each other in the test of time.

They will interrupt each other with something like “Okay, I know what you want to say”.

This is a timesaving approach that can ruin a relationship.

Please stop listening with your brain and listen to each other’s feelings and emotions with your heart.

4. Enrich sex life

If you don’t have sex, you’re just brothers sleeping in the top bunk.

Sex life is the lubricant of long-term relationship, if your relationship is not lubricated, a big reason is that there is no expectation.

If there is no expectation, consider buying some sex toys and explore the fun of sex toys together to avoid making sex between partners a task.

5. Be honest about your emotional feelings, your insecurities, fears and concerns

Without honesty, a relationship cannot last. If you have negative emotions, fears, insecurities, and anxieties, you can share them with your partner. Talk about how you really feel.

But don’t look to the other person to change or save you; it’s not his responsibility.

But it’s important for the relationship to let him know how you feel. If you don’t do this, you won’t build trust and respect.

6. You can ask the other person for behavior change, not character change.

If your partner has to do something that bothers you and everyone is in a space, you certainly have the right to make suggestions. However, never cross the line. In a relationship, you are not to change the other person’s character.

For example, if you say, “Honey, can you clean the house with me? I want to see a clean home every day, and that’s important to me.”

And what would the relationship wrecker say? What a shitty home to live in if you’re so sloppy!

7. You lead by example.

If you want your partner to love exercise, start going to the gym or running yourself. If you want your partner to work harder, please make an effort yourself first.

If you work hard, you don’t have to talk is a spur.

If you do not work hard, what you say is to stand and talk.

8. daily expression of love.

There was a paragraph some time ago.

“Why don’t you say I love you after you fall in love with me?”

“Well, I will inform you if there is a change.”

This kind of hope you know is a paragraph. Laugh just, do not do it.

If you do, I would say that instead of you informing the other person, they will immediately inform you that you are fired!

If you want to respect the relationship, please express your love every day and let the other person know that “I love you”.

9. Allow yourself to have the charm of attracting others and remain honest

Many partners are afraid or do not want to tell their partner that they are being flirted with by someone else, worrying that there will be a misunderstanding if they say so.

Yes, with our universal values of love, most people are afraid that they will betray, so they also can not tolerate you will say this thing.

So that’s why I’m focusing on writing this one out !!!!

Dude, girls, no matter how much we love our partners, we are also attracted to others, while others may also be attracted to us. It’s normal !!!!

This is a normal biological reaction. You feel the attraction and you go for it, are two different things.

My ex-girlfriend would be very open about having been chased, even if it was a long distance relationship, and it would make me very comfortable with her. (I’d like to say that, but I didn’t after the relationship.)

If she does not say, it is only likely to wait to be broken up when you know.

How to keep a good relationship between partners?

10. Do not let your life into chaos.

If your finances are in disarray (living in debt) and your health is in disarray, your life is one big mess and you are not going to last going into a relationship. (for both men and women)

Don’t enter into a relationship expecting another person to come in and save your life. If you can’t save yourself, then don’t enter into a relationship. You will either bring down the other person or break yourself even more.


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