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See if you are using the wrong way of sex | 5 wrong ways of sex cause each other to leave you

Every couple wants to enjoy the most wonderful sex, but there are some wrong sex positions, incorrect sex concepts and details that you are not aware of that may affect your health. Especially the following 5 kinds of sex way, must be avoided.

No.1 Deliberately prolong sex time

In the clinical encounter, many patients, ejaculation speed is too fast, the lover is not satisfied, can not reach orgasm. Especially when it comes to women who need a long intercourse time to reach orgasm, male patients are more stressed. This sexual dysphoria causes many men headaches and even frustration. Some people thus treat sex as a burdensome task and fail to appreciate the joy that a harmonious sex life brings to both spouses.

Deliberately prolong sex time

Most men always try to take various methods to delay ejaculation time. Some people do not ejaculate, but not ejaculating will lead to excessive pelvic congestion, increasing the burden on the sexual nervous system and sexual organs. After ejaculation of normal human sexual life, the body fluids in the sexual organs are fully excreted and gradually weakened, and soon the state of blood flow in the penis returns to normal. If artificial interruption of ejaculation occurs , the recovery of blood flow within the sexual organs will slow down, resulting in a continuous state of congestion.

The pelvis is overly congested on the one hand, so that men’s libido is reduced and they can’t enjoy their sex life, which can easily induce erectile dysfunction; on the other hand, it can easily induce reproductive system infections, such as chronic prostatitis and vesiculitis, and discomfort such as frequent urination, urgent urination, and hematemesis. The male anatomy tells us that if the integrity of the normal anatomy of the bladder neck is damaged, holding back semen from ejaculation may lead to semen “going through the back door” and retrograde ejaculation, where semen enters the bladder and is then discharged with urine. Since the sperm cannot enter the vagina to unite with the egg to form a fertilized egg, the woman cannot get pregnant.

So, is there a scientific and effective training method to get rid of men’s ejaculation? Some medical experts believe that premature ejaculation is fundamentally due to the low stimulation threshold required for ejaculation, and have invented “behavioral therapy for premature ejaculation” based on this theory. The method they advocate is to raise the threshold and eliminate the link between sexual stimulation and ejaculatory response. The specific methods are as follows: ① stimulate the penis to the level of imminent ejaculation; ② stop stimulating until the excitement of orgasm subsides; ③ stimulate the penis again. ④ Repeat this several times until the man can tolerate a large amount of stimulation without ejaculation. In addition, you can also use the scrotum pulling method and your lover with the penis squeezing method, thus reducing excitability, delaying ejaculation and playing the effect of treating premature ejaculation.

If you often ejaculate prematurely during sex, you can consider using vibrators to replace the penis when you are about to ejaculate and help your partner reach orgasm. Wait until your own arousal has subsided, then use the penis again. By alternating, the treatment of premature ejaculation is achieved while prolonging the time. Here we recommend the toys sold on WellnessSex, which have a wide variety and can be used during girlfriend sex and masturbation.

No.2 The second attack of sex

After the first sexual intercourse, men’s penile excitability decreases, and if they immediately ask for penile erection again, it is easy to induce autonomic dysfunction, causing prostate congestion and relaxation and expansion of the glandular ducts, which endangers prostate health. Continued secondary sex will also make the female pelvic congestion for a long time, even to 4-6 hours, to subside. In the long run, it is easy to have lower abdominal swelling, pain, and even dysmenorrhea.

The second attack of sex

Therefore, sexual life should be moderate, not too frequent. The American scholars according to the age factor on the law of sexual ability, summed up a “sex frequency formula” - the frequency of sex = the age of the decimal × 9. that is, multiply the decimal of their age by 9, the product of the decimal that is the number of days a sex cycle lasts, the digit for the due The frequency of sexual intercourse. In the case of a man in his 30s, for example, 3 X 9 = 27, 20 days can have sex 7 times, once every three days. 40-year-olds can have sex 6 times in 30 days. Through the formula, we see that as age increases, the number of times men have sex is decreasing.

No.3 Lack of safety measures

Men who are in love, don’t forget to take safety measures while enjoying perfect sex. Semen contains a lot of proteins, including dozens of specific antigens. The antigenic substances in male semen react with female reproductive tract secretions to produce corresponding anti-seminal antibodies. The combination of antigens and antibodies induces semen allergy. If the female partner is allergic, intercourse without safety measures often induces a series of allergic reactions, such as sudden chest tightness, vaginal burning sensation, pain and itching entrapment. Sometimes, the male partner took some medication (such as penicillin, etc.) or ate a certain food (such as peanuts, etc.) before sex, which may also lead to female allergy. What’s more, for unmarried sexual partners, having sex without safety measures may lead to unwanted pregnancy and unnecessary trouble for both partners. Even couples may not know whether each other’s private parts carry certain viruses and bacteria, and the adoption of unsafe sex is likely to sow dangerous seeds for health.

Lack of safety measures

The male genital skin is wrinkled, sweaty, stretchy and not easy to clean. In addition, the perineum is poorly ventilated, if there is no good cleaning habits, the male perineum forms a hygienic dead end, becoming a place for bacteria and other breeding, not only to bring men genital and other diseases but also to make sexual partners become victims of various gynecological diseases. Therefore, when sex should pay attention to personal hygiene, before sex carefully clean private parts, sex to take the necessary safety measures, not only can clean the body, increase the satisfaction of both sides when sex, but also can promote the perineal blood circulation, to prevent and control hypogonadism and other diseases play a certain therapeutic role.

No.4 foreplay is not enough

Women’s sexual desire is slow to arise, the degree is weak, sexual excitement appears later. Therefore, if the lack of foreplay in sexual life, the man is generally difficult to move the woman, may also lead to insufficient secretion in accessory gonadal fluid, not to play the role of lubrication. The action is rash and also easy to attract the female party's revulsion or cause pain. The general foreplay of sex in about 15 minutes is appropriate.

The sex may change from time to time, the same sex is boring, you need to continue to innovate, so that it remains fresh. In fact, we have a lot of common household items around us, can be used as sex props, to make use of both sex points, and will make the feeling more wonderful.


First, light a candle to create the atmosphere.

Research shows that women are more likely to move in the atmosphere created specifically for them by men. Women also like to use the way to create the atmosphere to provoke men. Light a candle, is more men and women love to create the atmosphere of the way, not only can increase the romance but also make each other’s body and mind closer, and in the candle’s illumination, both the body and mind are more relaxed, body contour is also more moving, both sides can enjoy sex more. Candles with orange and lavender scents are a good choice, which contains essential oils to reduce anxiety and make people happy.

Second, a glass of red wine, style.

Drink a little red wine women, can be just right to show flirtatious and sexy. Men also prefer to see women after the wine style. A loving, an intentional woman’s face like a peach blossom so charming, men’s eyes naturally full of desire. Red wine, not only let women retain a few sexes in the shy but also into the due defiance and wild unrestrained.

Third, around a bath towel, sexy out of the bath.

A survey shows that women wrapped in a towel are more likely to provoke men’s sexual impulses. Women may wish to take a short shower before sex, both to maintain hygiene, but also to allow men to wait in the gradual arousal of desire. When he sees you wrapped in a towel sexy out of the bath, shake a wet hair, estimated to have been anxious to lust.

Fourth, buy a blindfold and play romantic games.

During foreplay, you can let each other lie on the bed, put a blindfold on him, and then do some small actions on him, such as kissing. As he can not see you, but also does not know where the next part of your kiss will be, so the sense of excitement will be stronger; or you can write in the more sensitive parts of the other party and let him guess. This romantic little game not only makes sex more interesting, but also conducive to enhance mutual feelings.

Fifth, lay a blanket, massage each other.

May be the temporary transformation of the bedroom into a massage room, couple’s massage each other, pushing essential oils, can induce and enhance sexual desire. Generally speaking, women’s ears, neck, inner thighs, armpits, breasts, nipples and other parts of the most sensitive, the husband can use the back of the finger to press, the action should be gentle and slow, which can arouse sexual excitement.

Sixth, a lovebirds bath before sex

The bath can not only clean the body, so that the skin becomes smooth and moist, so that people look more radiant, but also can relax the body and mind. Embrace with your lover in the water, so that each other’s tenderness and body heat gradually penetrates the whole body. Each pore is fully expanded, breathes, the usual stress and worry instantly released. Couples bathing together can also enhance feelings, improve the quality of sex. When bathing, you can gently caress each other’s body, chatting, scrubbing each other’s backs. After a slow warmth, you can have a full body massage. Each other’s body and mind will be more comfortable. The soft light in the bathroom, but also easy to outline the body’s curves, can arouse the impulse of intimacy of the couple. Touching each other’s sensitive parts is also the most suitable for foreplay.

Seventh, install a mirror to improve sexual excitement.

Want to know what each other looks like during sex? Wouldn’t it be more exciting if you could see yourself? It is better to install a mirror in the bedroom, preferably facing the bed, from which you can observe and reacquaint yourself with each other’s bodies during sex to increase excitement. Some studies have shown that women are more likely to have orgasms when looking in the mirror. When you look in the mirror at the two hot curves, you and his wild and disorienting look, there is nothing more crazy, more daring stimulant than this?

In the foreplay of your willingness, both sides are well warmed up, creating the conditions for the next step to enjoy a wonderful sex life.

No.5 Improper position

sex position

To enjoy a perfect sex life, but also to master the correct position. Take the right position, not only can increase sexy, stimulate both sides orgasm. Some can also achieve the purpose of eugenics and disease prevention and treatment. Some sexual dysfunction and non-ejaculation and take improper position related. Such as non-ejaculation, female sexual indifference can be used in the female upper position, premature ejaculation can be used in the side position, the lack of orgasm using the 69 position. The traditional position is the male superior position, but every time the sex life to maintain the same position, easy to make the sexual partner tired. The frequent and reasonable change of position can stimulate the sexual excitement of both parties and increase the physiological pleasure, thus promoting psychological harmony.

Inappropriate position during sex leads to too much force on one side of the waist, which is likely to cause back pain and even spasm of the pelvic floor and gluteal muscles, which in turn leads to malfunction of erectile function or ejaculation. Obese people, in particular, are less flexible and supple and more likely to have problems. Therefore, the fatter party tries to be on the lower side, and if both spouses are heavier, they can consider the lateral position. In addition, a sitting or semi-sitting position can be adopted with heart disease and a chest and knee position for infertility (posterior uterus).

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