Several concerns about playing with sex toys

Several concerns about playing with sex toys

Several concerns about playing with sex toys


1. first accept that self-pleasure is not shameful

Sisters first have to accept the matter of self-pleasure. Enjoying the body's pleasure is not shameful, you can say shame can not say shame, it is to make people speak up shy, but not shameful ah!

I diy self-pleasure, who am I hindering? Male diy is acceptable, women can not?

For small toys, will diy girls with up is the icing on the cake, will not diy with small toys that is to enter a new world! But will not diy is also a novice, do not start with a more powerful, will be too exciting, and do not enter the body, may be painful, not to mention the size is not a good choice.

2. understand that small toys will have a break-in period

Small toys are needed to slowly adapt. Especially newcomers, the very beginning may be uncomfortable not to adapt, and even feel a little scared because of the toughness of small toys, this time do not have to fear nor hurry, slowly to adapt, the intensity from low to high, the location slowly find the right, once you find their own suitable way, the feeling of lust to die!

3. don’t worry about sensitivity loss

Some sisters may be worried that the body will not become less sensitive to more small toys, and that it will be difficult for them and their partners to reach orgasm afterwards. In fact, there is no need to worry, unless you use it very often, until the sensitive parts are numb. And even if the numbness is not afraid of, after a period without, you will become very sensitive again. The body will self-regulation, like this week like to eat salty, the next week may like to eat light.

4. small toys can not replace the partner

Small toys are just small toys that can assist you in experiencing physical pleasure, but it is always a simple mechanical movement, and with a good partner, the pleasure you give is a whole body, warm, communicative, physical and mental integration. Just like hugging, buy a doll hug and hug with your loved one, the feeling is not comparable. Almost all small toys can be two people playing together, a good partner can actually use small toys to increase the interest in life. Of course, small play has its unique advantages, can have a variety of shapes, but also can last N hours.

small toys can not replace the partner

5. Avoid gynecological problems

Safe material small toys do not cause any gynecological problems.

6. Do a good job of cleaning and disinfection

Before and after each use should be washed and cleaned with water, rinse with running water after use and wipe dry to dry. Disinfection words, occasionally on the line, silicone is not recommended alcohol wipe, easy to make silicone aging, you can use disinfection wipes or special toys sterilization spray, clean and disinfection after storing the dust on the line.


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