Sex toys, vibrators soon render men useless

Vibrators, vibrators soon render men useless

With the development of in vitro fertilization, more and more women feel that they can live without a man. And, with the advent and popularity of vibrators, this trend is growing.

Sex toys, vibrators soon render men useless

The recent abortion bill has also caused more and more women to ponder the need to live with a man.

On the one hand, to avoid unwanted pregnancy, more and more ladies choose to use vibrators or vibrators to satisfy their desires and solve their physical needs. On the other hand, more and more men are unable to satisfy women’s needs and even avoid sex.

All these make men appear more and more useless.

Especially, the ladies who are hurt by men in their emotional life, they will feel that men are nasty. Men always cheat on her feelings without paying the price.

But I would like to say that there will come a time when you will feel that you need a male partner to help you and give you warmth.

This moment maybe when you look across the street in winter and see couples warming each other’s hands, when you listen to the echoes of empty rooms, or when you giggle at a video of a loving couple.

So, vibrators, and men are indispensable.

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