The skills of love (girls chapter)

The skills of love (girls chapter)

The skills of love (girls chapter)

1. sometimes need a little initiative

Although Lao She said “a girl’s blush is worth a lot of love words”, but you should not always be reserved ah.

Society is becoming more and more open, more and more women are taking the initiative to pursue men. You guys don’t just sit around either.

Many female students complained to me: I have hinted so much, why the other party still not confess to me ah?

Do you want love or do you want a confession? You want love, you can go to confess ah, why do you have to wait for people ah ......

You take the initiative, the boy instead thinks you are very assertive, have their own ideas, more like you.

The fact is that you will be able to get a lot more out of it and not lose out.

The skills of love (girls chapter)

2. stand in each other’s perspective to consider the problem

This is something that many girls should pay attention to.

You are also a good girl with ideas and the right values. You need to learn to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

When quarreling, a guy gives way to you and takes the initiative to apologize to you, is the behavior of a gentleman. It’s because he likes you so much.

Do not rely on him to be your boyfriend to do whatever you want, always capricious.

The boy is good, patience will also be worn out one day, then you will wait to cry.

Think differently, for example, one date boyfriend was late, he said he got off work and rushed back to traffic.

You can mutter two sentences, but do not argue with him. He worked all day, dragging a tired body from work to find you a date, very hard, more for him to think about.

Of course, pampering and selling cute, your boyfriend still likes it ~

The fact is that you will be able to get a good deal on your own.

The skills of love (girls chapter)

3. recognize the reality, do not fall deeper and deeper

When one day you find that he does not often look for you anymore.

you send him a message to reply also very slowly, sometimes even do not reply to you.

He does not often come out to play with you anymore.

And even rarely call video.

Don’t give him a reason. He just doesn’t like you that much anymore.

If he really loves you, even if you are busy will find you chat, tell you he is very busy, you can feel his busy, but also do not want to leave you in the mood.

He likes you or not, girls can feel it.

Love Murphy’s Law: When you feel that the other party does not like you anymore, then the other party 80% is really not like you.

Do not lie to yourself, find reasons for him, consider how your feelings should continue, or do not want to continue.

You are a couple, two souls trying to fuse.

But apart, say, or two separate individuals with different lives.

Seriously, you won’t die if you’re separated. It may be hard to be apart for a while, but you will definitely come out of it.

Good get together, to find their true love, do not fall deeper and deeper.

“Once you liked me a lot, and I liked you a lot. Now you don’t like me anymore, so I’m going to try to give up on you, too. Goodbye.”

4. to have their own bottom line

The “broken window effect” is a criminological theory. This theory holds that undesirable phenomena in the environment, if allowed to exist, will induce people to follow suit and even become more aggressive.

In a building with a few broken windows, for example, if those windows are not repaired, vandals will probably break more windows. Eventually, they may even break into the building and perhaps settle there or set fire to it if they find it unoccupied.

The same applies to the “broken window effect” in love.

If he does something wrong to you once and you acquiesce, then he will do it a second time.

Love has to have a bottom line; if he cheats once, he will cheat a second time. Unless you “fix the window”.

But how easy is that? So, break up.

Protect your dignity and keep your bottom line.

“I’m soft and cute with you. But if you do something wrong with me, then I want to tell you that I am actually very strong.”

5. Cherish your body

It’s 2022 now, and not many people resist premarital sex anymore.

But I still have to say one thing: cherish your body.

Young people's hormone secretion is more understandable, but pay attention to safety.

You are a girl, something happened only you suffer, and is to eat a big loss. So, take safety measures.

One more word of advice: do not presume to use the body to tether the boy.

Sex is a way of communication, but not all.

Spiritual, spiritual communication is sometimes better than physical communication.

It is important to distinguish whether a guy wants to “have you” or just “fuck you”.

Again: value your body!

The skills of love (girls chapter)


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