The State of the Sex Toy Industry

The State of the Sex Toy Industry

The State of the Sex Toy Industry

When it comes to sex toys, some people may blush or snicker, but sex toys have become a huge industry.

Now please answer honestly, do you have sex toys? If so, will you be generous enough to admit it?

Once upon a time, sex toys (sex paraphernalia, or erotic products) were a mail-order product that had to be secretly hidden in a bedroom drawer, under layers of clothing.

But now, sex toys are no longer taboo; they are packaged as fun products that promote intimacy between couples, a veritable love affair.

At the same time, sex toys have become a multi-billion dollar industry, with global sales growing geometrically.

Global sales reach billions of pounds

The sex toy industry is estimated to have a global market size of £18 billion in 2017.

What is the concept of £18 billion, roughly 10 times the market for electric toothbrushes, and a little more than the global sales of microwaves last year?

The fastest growing market is ......

Bangalore, India (Bangalore) market research firm “teaching” analyst Joshua said, “We believe that the fastest growing markets are India and China.”

Cultural attitudes toward sex toys in India and China remain relatively conservative; for example, India does not allow the public sale of sex toys and cannot open sex toy stores.

But the popularity of the Internet, combined with the growing acceptance of e-commerce consumption patterns, has made it increasingly easy to buy sex toys.

Europeans and Americans, who buy more

Figures from the Indian market research firm technique show that the biggest buyers of sex toys are Europeans who buy more than Americans.

“The survey shows that in Italy, up to 70% of men and women have used sex toys.”

Men and women, who use more

Joshua said it’s not just women who buy sex toys and use them, but men as well.

“In the United States, for example, about 50 percent of men have used sex toys.”

But more women use sex toys, “about 60 to 65 percent of women use them.”

Empowering women

Erica Braverman says, “The perception of sex toys has completely changed.” Braverman’s father started the sex toy company Doc Johnson in 1976.

She says a big part of that has to do with women who buy and use sex toys.

The popular ‘90s American TV show “Sex and the City” featured four main female characters sitting around discussing vibrators, which Reverman credits as an enormous influence on sex toys.

“Feminism plays a big role in this, and empowering women is a big reason why the industry has flourished so much in recent years.”

Internet helps sales

Lovehoney, which sells sex toys on the Internet, started with a turnover of £100,000 in 2003 and has grown by about 35 percent a year since.

Sixteen years after opening, their performance has grown 130 times, and the e-commerce consumer model has revolutionized the sex toy industry.

“Lovehoney,” founder Richard Longhurst (Richard Longhurst) said, “the privacy of sex toys make him the best online sales products, simple kraft paper bags or cardboard delivery, do not need to sneak into the sex toy store shyly Ask the clerk and you can buy it.”

“And you don’t meet people you don’t want to meet.”

Buyers are predominantly couples

Longhurst says people used to think they used sex toys because “maybe you couldn’t find a date.”

“But what’s true now is that the majority of people who use sex toys are couples or couples, and people who use sex toys are more satisfied with their sex lives.”

“The sex toy market is for couples and couples, and 70 percent of customers have a regular long-term relationship.”

70% Made in China

Wherever you buy a sex toy, it’s probably made in East Asia.

One sex toy factory in China, owner William says, has expanded his business more than 10 times over what it was when it started about 20 years ago.

A big part of the reason for that is the factory’s development into an export company, supplying the gradually growing overseas market.

Sales continue to rise

The current global market for sex toys continues to grow, estimated at about 7 to 10 percent a year.

Joshua, of the market research firm technique, believes that once developing countries overcome the stigma attached to sex toys, the global market for sex toys is likely to grow at an annual rate of 10 to 15 percent in a few years.

Joshua also said that most sex toys are made in China and are not expensive, making the sex toy industry even more profitable.

The State of the Sex Toy Industry


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