Using sex toys, you must understand a few steps

Using sex toys, you must understand a few steps

There are tons of sex toys on the market. Toys can be divided into several categories: clitoral (external) toys, internal vaginal toys, penis rings, oral sex sleeves, and anal toys.
Within these categories there are more subcategories. For example, you can have suction toys, bullets and panty vibrators all as clitoral toys and anal beads and butt plugs as butt toys.
Currently, people constantly imagine new and creative ways to invent new sex toys. Just a few years ago, clitoral suction vibrators didn’t even exist, and now they are one of the best sellers in clitoral vibrators, with many companies jumping at the chance to make their own versions.
There are already many types of sex toys on the market, and I’m sure you already have one of your own. Here are a few suggestions on how to use sex toys more wisely.
Take this product (pink clitoral vibrator) as an example.

pink clitoral vibrator

  1. find your own secret place
    When using a vibrator, it is most taboo for someone to disturb you. Of course, if you are using a vibrator during sex with your partner, then ignore this article.
    Being in a quiet place will allow you to completely relax and avoid being alert, causing delays in getting into position and climaxing.
    In using a vibrator, you can enjoy exploring the mysteries of yourself and get to know yourself better.
  2. Don’t just pump your vagina to vibrate
    In using a vibrator should be gradual, do not come up to do intense exercise.
    Just like writing, there needs to be a beginning, development, climax, and ending.
    A gradual process is more likely to get you in the mood and will keep you in the mood longer.
  3. keep wet
    When using a vibrator, you can use a lubricant for lubrication. This will reduce the irritation caused by friction and more closely resemble the sensation of actual sex.
    If you do not have lubricant, you can take the external vibration method to make yourself wet.
  4. Keep your vibrator clean
    The vibrator should be cleaned and kept dry and clean, both before and after use.
    After cleaning the vibrator, you need to dry it and keep it dry to avoid the growth of bacteria.
    If bacteria are present, they may disrupt the flora environment in the vagina.
  5. Keep yourself clean
    As with keeping the vibrator clean, you need to clean yourself after using the vibrator.
  6. Don’t feel guilty
    Both guys and girls go into some sort of reflective state after masturbating or having sex.
    But some people are especially strong and feel guilty. But we need to think about who we are guilt-tripping. Are we guilt-tripping ourselves? Or to others?
    Feeling guilty about yourself, that’s unnecessary. You make yourself feel happy, so why do you need to feel guilty?
    Feeling guilty about others is even more unnecessary. You are only yourself.
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