What if my boyfriend finds out that I have adult toys?

What if my boyfriend finds out that I have adult toys?

What if my boyfriend finds out that I have adult toys?

It’s not normal to have this, it’s good and safe and hygienic.

The first thing to make clear is that the act of masturbation is not a shameful act.

At present, in academic and clinical terms, sexual masturbation is not a psychological or physiological disorder and does not have a negative impact on the body.

According to a recent survey, the percentage of male sexual masturbation is more than 80%, while the percentage of female is also close to 40%. Thus, it seems that sexual masturbation is a more common thing, not due to lack of education, weak will, or unhealthy thinking.

Due to traditional thinking, sexual masturbation is often associated with feelings of guilt and shame, which can affect work and life. But psychologists emphasize that sexual masturbation itself is an effective way to vent stress, and appropriate masturbation is in line with normal human needs. The key is how you look at it.

Of course, sexual masturbation is a more private matter, if seen by others, will indeed cause embarrassment. It is like being found in a public place farting. Psychological concerns are inevitable. The key is to adjust your mind, to clearly imply that your sexual masturbation is not a crime, and to face everything that happens openly. Try to avoid causing too much psychological burden on yourself, try to forget about things, and over time others will not repeatedly put energy into this matter.

What if my boyfriend finds out that I have adult toys?

Perhaps you can slowly guide it. I believe your boyfriend will change his mind. In the age of lack of passion, adult toys are equal to the lubricant of love life between men and women, the importance of undoubtedly.

You can rely on tools to achieve orgasm. Modern people are beginning to treat themselves positively, but the hot sale of erotic toys in the long run will not create some obstacles in the partnership? Because if you can have an orgasm with a tool, there will be some cuts in the relationship between the partners.

But there are several views. Some say it will create competition, others say they don’t care.

Because if using tools can increase the pleasure and improve the quality, why not? Between two lovers, the room is the best way to express mutual love, men can not just will say sweet words, but also to do it, and because of the differences in the physiological structure of men and women, sometimes does not allow the woman to get the most comfortable feeling, this is when we need sex toys to assist.

Nowadays, society is not the traditional conservative era of repression of human nature, everyone has the right to pursue sexual happiness. A man who loves his girlfriend will definitely let her get satisfied.

You can try this toy together with two people, toys are toys, is for people, men really do not need to see toys as the enemy, but to use such tools to bring more different experiences to both sides, to improve the life interest and satisfaction of the room life.

Erotic toys bring more physical stimulation, no matter how many modes it has, how intelligent, how scientifically designed, it can never replace the intimacy, trust and commitment between partners. So both men and women should not imagine using erotic toys as something very serious.

Intercourse is an important part of intimacy, but it’s clear that two people are definitely together for more than just the purpose of intercourse. In fact, your situation is relatively common, many women worry about their partners misunderstanding, so secretly buy toys to use in private.

You are worried about letting each other know that using erotic toys will hurt self-esteem; it is also true that many men have a certain resistance to erotic toys for competitors or worried that having toys for themselves is not so important, these are actually misunderstandings brought about by poor communication, in fact a significant portion of direct purchasers of female toys are men, which means that male acceptance of female erotic toys is still very high. So if you can communicate more with your partner, together with the purchase and toys, I believe that most men are still happy to do so.

If he still has some misconceptions about toys, such as the fear of addiction, making the private parts insensitive, etc., you can look at the relevant, there are special explanations.

Therefore, I suggest that you can buy two people together to buy and use these toys, so that not only can increase the satisfaction of the room but also to close the intimate relationship between the two people.


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