What should girls do when they feel too strong when using adult toys?

What should girls do when they feel too strong when using adult toys?

What should girls do when they feel too strong when using adult toys?

Firstly, is to choose the right toys

The following issues need to be considered when choosing:

1. what size?

The vast majority of vibrators on the market are between 12-18cm in size and 3cm-4cm in diameter.

How much size is appropriate is not a definitive, according to their own situation can be selected. Generally speaking, we recommend that young women with less sexual experience start with a smaller one, a vibrator with a diameter of 3cm - length of about 10cm would be a good place to start.


2. what material?

Vibrators are made of abs, tpe, silicone. In order of soft to hard: TPE → silicone → ABS.

TPE is mostly used in the Japanese style vibrator, because the softness can make a lot of exaggerated shape, but also the closest to the muscle sense.

The advantage of silicone is that the material is purer, safer, and can withstand high temperature sterilization, mostly used in Europe and the United States style of ergonomic wand.

The abs are hard plastic, now mostly used for massage stick manipulation of the shell and other non-access body parts.

These three materials can be safe and non-toxic if qualified.


3. What does it look like

The shape of a straight stick is not a straight stick, but refers to the body is often composed of only one main stick body, so call it a straight stick. But if it really is a straight vibrating stick, it is recommended that you do not buy it, because it will certainly not work well, the shape of the female private parts is a half-moon, and in their own use, the hand grabbing the vibrating stick to pump check the trajectory of the movement is actually doing a shovel-like action, if it is a straight stick, because the angle of the use of your wrist must be more bent, the wrist will be sore for a while, let alone Let alone enjoy the pleasure of pleasure, so the general vibrator will choose the shape of the bend, rather than a straight line.

The surface of the straight wand is smooth, and from the feeling of having a pattern is a little more stimulating than not having a pattern, but from the interview with many female users, the effect of the stimulation of the pattern is actually not very obvious. With the pleated design of the vibrator in fact, the role of female stimulation is not very obvious, but there are some lines of design is particularly exaggerated, completely masculine products, looks very exciting, but for women to use up the feeling of complete pain, no pleasure!


4. The principle of vibration

The principle of the vibrator is the same as the vibrating egg, with a motor inside, and the motor is installed on top of a half-cylinder copper block used to deflect the center of gravity, when the motor starts to drive the top of the small half-cylinder copper block to follow the rotation, causing the center of gravity to shift, it caused the vibration effect. With the control circuit of the current control, the motor also fast and slow rotation, so it will change a variety of vibration frequency.


5. The way of power supply

About the power supply method, power supply is now divided into two mainstream, one is the use of batteries, one is charging, power supply is a very worthy of consideration, and this place is often ignored by consumers.


6. frequency of vibration

About the frequency about the vibrator vibration frequency is actually not so sensitive to women, there are so four or five frequency mode changes can be.

 What should girls do when they feel too strong when using adult toys?

Secondly, you should learn to use it reasonably

In fact, if the girls just use the toy, do not use it directly at once, it is easy to feel too strong or uncomfortable. At the beginning, you can massage first, and then slowly use the toy to massage that place. It is recommended that you can use with lubricant. If too dry is also easy to feel uncomfortable. In fact, you can also use the toy before you massage with your own hands, are available.

When using it feels too strong, then turn down the grade, feel too strong and uncomfortable because the toy’s vibration or sucking intensity is too high, the body does not adapt, so to turn down to the appropriate grade. If the lowest grade still feels too strong, then I suggest you change a toy.

Toys are also graded, slow play, advanced, stimulating. Maybe you did not choose the right toy for your sensitivity when you buy. Generally most of the new start, I recommend choosing slow play, although some people are born with low sensitivity, but that is a small number, so most people I still recommend playing from the slow play series of toys, and then feel adapted to the purchase of advanced products.


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